About Us

RB Patel Group Limited has a diversified business portfolio and is involved in supermarket, department store, distributors, importers, exporters, wholesalers, cinema and property development. RB Patel group limited is publicly listed on the South Pacific Stock exchange, having listed on the 17th of July 2001. It is the only publicly listed supermarket chain in Fiji.

RB Patel Super markets operates across 11 locations around the country, and have the largest range of online shopping and are known for its great customer service, great pricing, great range which has made it easier for its customers by saving them time, as they can buy all their weekly groceries from one supermarket.

RB Patel also carries a wide range of kitchenware, porcelainware, plasticware, drapery and electrical appliances. It’s a complete departmental store – A One Stop Shop for our customers!

Financial Performance

Despite growing competition in a low margin industry, RBG continues to be impressive with improved performance for several years in a row. In 2023 financial year the supermarket turnover was $165 million with a profit before tax of $14.3 million. RBG’s growing and well managed commercial property portfolio provides considerably strength to its balance sheet. Rental revenue in the 20 year was $4.5 million.  The total revalued investment portfolio is now valued at $59 million. While such capital growth has continued to support and strengthen the balance sheet, it has also set up a platform for the company against which to grow future earning using financial leverage. To date the company has used its balance sheet very efficiently to generate sales. This coupled with healthy profit margins and a low debt to equity ratio (ROE) has generated an excellent return on equity for shareholders. RBG has proved itself to be a steady growth company delivering improved results each year.