Children Receive Hamper Packs

WHILE profit making is an essential aim of any business, corporate responsibility is something that most businesses take seriously and do their bit to give back to the community.

One of the country’s leading supermarket chains — RB Patel — is doing its bit in spreading a much needed cheer among children who are undergoing heart surgery.

RB Patel has partnered with Children’s Heart Foundation Fiji and provided essential packs for the children.

RB Patel general manager operations Jignesh Chauhan said “the work carried out by the Children’s Heart Foundation in Fiji is important and RB Patel Group Ltd is proud to partner in this initiative.

“It’s a difficult time for the family and the child undergoing surgery.

“We wish the children a speedy recovery”.

Mr Chauhan said RB Patel Group Ltd yesterday provided the Children’s Heart Foundation with 30 hamper packs for the children undergoing surgery.

According to Mr Chauhan each pack consisted of essentials; baby food, milk, cereals, bathing soap and other necessities.

A statement from the company yesterday said the Children’s Heart Foundation Fiji with the Shree Satya Sai Sanjeeveni Hospital (Raipur, India) under the Sai Prema Foundation’s “Gift of Life Project” has so far assisted more than 180 children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) to access lifesaving surgery.

Edited By: Monika Singh

Source: Fiji Times


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Local supermarket chain spearheads reusable bags

ONE Fiji’s biggest supermarket chains have spearheaded efforts in promoting the use of reusable bags in their outlets.

RB Patel Group has purchased more than 5000 reusable shopping bags for $13,900 from the Ba Women’s Forum, enabled through an ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation.

These reusable bags will be sold in several RB Patel outlets nationwide, further reducing the reliance on plastic bags which pose environmental and marine life threats.

The initiative was launched yesterday by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, coinciding with the a new 10 cents levy on plastic bag, an unprecedented measure to protect our natural environment from pollution.

“Today, we are celebrating the work of the Ba Women’s Forum to produce 5000 reusable shopping bags to give the Fijian people an alternative to using plastic bags.

“And I’d like to thank the forum members and all of our women entrepreneurs for showing us how green initiatives and women’s empowerment can go hand in hand.

“Through our Ministry of Women, we will be working alongside women’s groups to produce more reusable shopping bags throughout the country.”

Mr Bainimarama said more efforts would also be placed in helping hardworking women take advantage of the new market opportunity created through the levy on plastic bags.

He also acknowledged RB Patel for agreeing to promote the use of these new reusable bags in their outlets.

“I encourage every business house in Fiji to step up and do the same,” Mr Bainimarama said.

“With this new initiative, we are putting Fijian women on the front-lines of our effort to protect our environment and maintain the beauty and natural splendour of Fiji for the next generation.”

In a press conference yesterday, RB Patel Group chief operating officer Deepak Rathod said they were proud to be the first to launch a groundbreaking initiative.

“I’m quite sure that this will take effect quite quickly and the people of Fiji should follow suit with protecting the environment. We are glad to help with the initiative,” he said.

Ba Women’s Forum president Dr Maria Doton said the initiative was significant as it also motivated the forum which consists of 64 women clubs with more than 800 rural women.

“This is the first big project that we have undertaken, and of course through the support of the Ministry of Women,” she said.

“Through these bags, we hope to also reach that peak point where our members are encouraged to perform and are also to encourage to see the value of their work in contributing to the mother earth.

“Being women, we know our responsibilities as stewards of this earth and the creation that is given to us is vast and aside from that the money that is earned will benefit the women and their families.”

The forum is also the process of advancing their bags into insulated bags for frozen goods and gauging more orders from retailers.

Edited by Filipe Naigulevu

Source: The Fiji Times


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PM warns litterbugs, ‘enough is enough’

“YOU will be punished to the full extent of the law if you are caught dumping rubbish anywhere in Fiji.”

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama gave this stern message during the launch of plastic bag levy and reusable cloth shopping bags to replace plastic bags at the RB Patel Centrepoint in Laucala Beach, Nasinu, yesterday.

Mr Bainimarama said this after highlighting a case of an employee of a major waste management company, who was caught dumping rubbish in Nadroga.

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Source: The Fiji Times



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5000 Shopping Bags To Replace Plastics

The Ba Women’s Forum yesterday delivered more than 5000 reusable shopping bags as an alternative to using plastics for shopping

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama while launching the ‘plastic bag levy and reusable shopping bags to replace plastic bags’ at RB Patel Centerpoint in Laucala Beach, said it would be an alternative to using plastic bags.

Mr Bainimarama also handed a cheque of more than $13,000 to the women’s forum for the reusable bags.

Women forum president Dr Maria Doton said the forum was made of 64 clubs from within Ba consisting of more than 800 women.

RB Patel Group Chief Operating Officer, Deepak Rathod said it was high time that people should start protecting the environment and use reusable bags.

Fijian Holdings Limited Group chief executive officer and RB Patel Group Limited director, Nouzab Fareed said they had made a commitment to continue purchasing the bags from Ba Women’s Forum and the sale of plastics bag at their supermarkets would be reduced.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism would ensure the bags were of high quality to qualify under the Fijian Made brand.

Edited by Ranoba Baoa

Source: Fiji Sun


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Group Records Solid Performance

RB PATEL Group Ltd, one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country has noted a reasonably solid performance in their operating result for the six month period ending December 31 last year.

According to their half year report announcement released yesterday, the South Pacific Stock Exchange listed company recorded an impressive $3.8 million operating profit after tax.

This is an increase of 19.84 per cent compared with the $3.2m operating profit after tax recorded for the same period in 2015.

The company’s sales, as per their financial statement, were pegged at $62.6m recording an increase of 12.16 per cent.

RB Patel Group chief operating officer Deepak Rathod said their solid performance was unprecedented.

“We are very happy with the results,” he said.

“Generally our growth rates are not this high and we don’t aim to go this high normally.”

The company’s revenue including other income also increased to $64.2m from $57.2m last year.

Mr Rathod however stressed the need to contain their costs as such growth gives a very high cost base.

The company had noted an impressive operating result for the year ended June 30, 2016 with operating profit after tax increasing by 24 per cent compared to the same period in 2015.

RB Patel’s total current liabilities stood at $21.3m for December 31 last year compared with $17.3m in the same period in 2015.

“It’s been a very solid six months for us and last year was also quite a good year for us and I think it’s carrying on from that momentum,” he said.

Mr Rathod attributed their performance to the positive performance of the economy and the growth in consumption spending.

RB Patel board chairman Iowane Naiveli said the results for the half year were extremely encouraging considering their operations of the same supermarkets from last year.

Meanwhile, in terms of the company’s expansion and growth, Mr Rathod said they were working on several projects which added to their large portfolio of properties.

This, he said, included the $4m JetPoint car park building project in Martintar Nadi which is anticipated to be completed by next month.

The company has also commenced with their residential apartment building project in Clarke St, Suva which is valued at over $4m.

The building is expected to feature eight modern apartments with ideal facilities.

Mr Rathod has also revealed their interest in expanding in the township of Ba with their several projects in the planning and negotiating stage.

Edited by: Filipe Naigulevu

Source: The Fiji Times


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Supermarket Records Growth

ONE of the biggest chain of supermarkets in the country has had an exceptional year with total revenue, including other income this year, increasing by 9.5 per cent to almost $118 million.

This increase reflects RB Patel Group Ltd’s improving consumption spending and incorporates the additional input into the economy from the FNPF funds released after Severe TC Winston.

This was highlighted in the Fijian Holdings Ltd (FHL) 2016 Annual Report which was released recently.

FHL owns 53.50 per cent stake of RB Patel Group Ltd.

The report said the company’s profit after tax for the year increased by more than 24 per cent and was $7.4m compared with $5.9m last year.

It says this is an extremely pleasing result for the company and its shareholders.

It adds that construction works at the company’s residential property in Suva has commenced and the apartment complex is expected to be completed early next year.

The JetPoint car park development is also in progress and is expected to be completed later this year.

“The board is considering further developments of our HarbourPoint property in Lami soon. We continue to search for new sites for stores keeping in mind that these should add value for our shareholders,” the report said.

Edited by Ropate Valemei

Source: The Fiji Times


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IN A BID to make shopping easier for its customers, RB Patel Group Ltd launched its online shopping last week.

General manager operations Fiji Jignesh Chauhan said they did a soft launch last week to ensure everything worked as it should.

“Good news. We have started receiving orders — the furthest was from Norway buying groceries for family in Udu Point. They chose to pick up the shopping from our Labasa supermarket,” said Mr Chauhan.

RB Patel Group Ltd joins a growing number of businesses going online on the world wide web and the group’s website,, offered online shopping, targeting expatriate Fijians living and working overseas as well as friends of people living in Fiji.

Mr Chauhan said the service they were providing to their customers who had families, fathers, wives, husbands working overseas.

“Our online site assists them to save money by saving on the expensive money transfer fees. With our shopping online there are no exacerbate fees and instead of sending money they can now buy groceries online and have delivered and or picked up by family members here in Fiji,” he said.

According to Mr Chauhan, families can get delivery of their shopping in about 72 hours from when the order was placed.

The company also has shopping vouchers and gift vouchers that are available online for families to send to their relatives and friends living in Fiji.

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Source: The Fiji Times


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RB Patel Supermarket Goes Online

RB Patel Supermarket customers can now do their shopping online placing orders from either locally or anywhere in the world using their credit card.

Their website, offers online shopping and targets expatriate Fijians living and working overseas as well as friends of people living in Fiji.

Fijian families and friends can now purchase selected grocery and household items, stationeries, toys and other products available at RB Patel supermarkets.

Shopping vouchers and gift vouchers are also available online to send for families and friends living in Fiji.

Families staying overseas who are not able to be part of family functions like birthdays, marriages, funerals, religious functions can now contribute directly to these functions and events by simply going on the online store.

In fact there are people from a number of far away countries who have actually already taken advantage of this.

RB Patel offers a convenient, simple and easy way to be part of your family while staying thousands of miles away. Using the online store will also give savings on money transfer fees.

Edited by Rachna Lal

Source: Fiji Sun


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RB PATEL outlets have helped its customers and those affected by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston by giving out survival packs to assist households in the recovery process.

General manager operations Jignesh Chauhan said the supermarket decided to provide assistance after seeing the devastation caused by the natural disaster.

“This idea came from our executive management team and our first concern was our staff members and their families who were affected,” Mr Chauhan said.

“We then wanted to assist our customers their families and people in communities where we operate so we designed a system where people in need came forward and could apply for assistance.

“Our ten branches operating across Fiji are open to affected people who can come and apply for assistance.”

Mr Chauhan said assistance was provided through three different packs of food, household and school kits.

“The cyclone recovery process will take a long time and as such a number is hard to predict.

“Our Lautoka branch as expected is getting the highest number of requests for assistance due to its location to the worst affected regions.”

Edited by Charlene Lanyon

Source: The Fiji Times


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RB Patel Group Assists Needy

Six-year-old Ema Monika aspires to be a teacher and has all the reasons to smile after RB Patel Group helped her family yesterday.

Her family suffered the attack of severe Tropical Cyclone Winston.

Yesterday, the family received a food pack, a school pack and a household pack from RB Patel Group Limited.

Her grandmother, Ema Monika described the assistance as timely.

“We reside in Valenicina, Lami and part of our home was also destroyed by TC Winston but luckily all of us were safe that night since we took shelter at my sister’s house,” Mrs Monika said.

“My grandchildren stay with their parents but I always prioritise their education needs and I thank RB Patel for their assistance,” she said.

General Manager for RB Patel Group Limited Suva, Jignesh Chauhan stated that those wishing to apply will be required to fill a form.

“We started the campaign on Wednesday and would like to ensure that our people especially our customers who were affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston are assisted,” Mr Chauhan said.

“This is phase one of what we will do and we will continue to support the rehabilitation work,” he said.

Edited by Paula Tuvuki

Source: Fiji Sun


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