Online purchasing made easier – How to buy?

We have made purchasing online a simple process.

Step 1
You can click on the “Online Shop” link to browse through all the products on our website. Or you can hover on Online Shop menu and click on a particular category to view their respective products.

Step 2
On the Products, Click on “Add to Cart” button to put them in your cart. Once you are ready to checkout hover on “My Cart” (top righthand corner), a box will apear with checkout button. Click Checkout to proceed with payment.

Step 3
On the checkout page fill in your Billing Details and Delivery Details (only fill this section if you are selecting delivery option). if you agree with our Terms and Condition then check the box beside it and then click on “Place Order” to proceed.

Step 4
You will be redirected to ANZ Portal whereby you can do payment using your credit or debit card. Please note the bank reference number given.

Shortly you will receive an email which will give provide you a receipt of order.

Please note; “We aim to reply within 12 hours (This depends on the local time and store hours). If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please email: with your confirmation number and name.

Step 5
Once the payment has been confirmed we will process your order and you will receive a confirmation email with a PIN Number and advised when the goods will be ready for collection at the local branch or approximate delivery time”.

Step 6
Please send the PIN number to the receiving party who will need to bring the PIN number and a valid photo ID to collect goods.

We will be happy to receive any feedback on our service. For any enquiries, please email us on