Drypers Touch Diapers - Large 34's
  • Drypers Touch Diapers - Large 34's

Drypers Touch Diapers – Large 34’s


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Drypers Touch Diapers – Large 34’s

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Drypers Touch Diapers – Large 34’s

Baby Drypers Touch Diapers – Large 34’s available at your RB Patel Stores around Fiji.

Therefore Drypers is a set up child diapers brand with over 10 years of essence in Singapore.

This Drypers has a wide scope of infant diapers to suit your child’s need; including the two tapes diapers and jeans diapers which come in a wide range of sizes.


The brands are Drypers Touch, Drypers Wee Dry, and Drypers Drypantz.

All Drypers diapers and infant care items experience a severe quality control and testing process before arriving at your grocery store racks. All materials and fixings utilized in our diapers and infant care items must breeze through thorough Product Safety Acceptance assessments.

Drypers Touch NB is made with Pro Skin Technology; is produced using a totally delicate material with a cotton feel which inhales and accompanies very delicate emblazoned top layer which assists with making sure about the crap away from your infant’s skin to keep it dry.


Drypers Touch NB has an uncommon removed structure that secures the umbilical string stump and the navel territory of your infant as it recuperates. This exceptional cut-out plan diminishes the weight of the diaper scouring against the stump as the gut button mends and permits better air flow to keep navel zone dry.

Drypers Touch size NB is accessible in pack of 80 and  offers premium non-abrasiveness for your child’s definitive solace.


Drypers Touch Diapers – Large 34’s Babies can have altogether different rest designs Some rest a ton, others less – excessively little, you most likely feel Newborns rest a normal of 16 hours out of 24.

Therefore  children inhales sporadically, moves, frowns, moves his arms and legs and may whine and cry in his rest.

Your Child

Your child awakens quickly ordinarily during this stage in spite of the fact that you may not understand it You may handily upset them in the event that you think they are conscious and go in to them If you are uncertain, you ought to maybe keep down and check whether they fall back to rest without you.


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