Pedigree Adult Minced Veg 8 kg

Pedigree Adult Minced Veg 8 kg


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Ped Adult Minced Veg 8 kg


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Pedigree Adult Minced Veg 8 kg

All Dog Food Pedigree Adult Minced Veg 8 kg available at your RB Patel Stores around Fiji.

From more than 40 years’ of creating Pedigree plans, we have created Pedigree Vital Protection food intended to ensure your pooch in four different ways inorder to help bolster a solid resistant framework, a sound skin and coat, great processing and solid teeth.

Each sack of Pedigree Vital Protection food is pressed with the nourishment your pooch needs to keep them solid and loaded with essentials.solid.

Therefore we’ve gone through the most recent 60 years building up a scope of pooch food.

Therefore gives your canine the assortment he or she needs and adores, alongside the perfect parity of nutrients, fiber and protein it needs at each phase of life.


Because canines have distinctive healthful prerequisites from people and the food you eat may be destructive to your pet! Arranged pet nourishments, then again, offer ensured sustenance, acceptability, absorbability, security and accommodation.

All Pedigree dry and wet total principle supper food is 100% healthfully complete and adjusted. Created by veterinary nutritionists and specialists, our pet food is intended to give the supplements your canine/Dog needs. And furthermore, contain fixings to help the five indications of good wellbeing.

Family Treats offer a capable method to bond with your Dog or pooch and train them. Because that as it may, do remember, just 10% of your pooch’s day by day calories should originate from treats and different nourishments that aren’t 100% finished.

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